Refrigerated Freight

One of the major ways of shipping used by our company is the Reefer containers. A Reefer container is mainly used where cargo is temperature sensitive and needs to be maintained under certain temperatures. The Reefer container looks normal on the outside but on the inside it contains a refrigeration system that offers the optimum temperature required to keep the cargo in good condition...

Emergency Dispatch

Our emergency dispatcher is charged with the task of gathering information concerning transport emergencies involving the cargo we handle for clients; it includes accepting urgent orders and handling problems with current orders. The 24/7 Emergency Dispatch team also make sure they find a truck ready for your urgent dispatch need.

Power Units

Our third service option is the Power Units; these special trailers are instrumental in towing loads that are too big to fit into containers. The usual container at the back is replaced with a flat-bed which offers more room for big cargo to fit. They can be used to carry heavy machinery and equipment, construction material or automobiles being shipped to a new destination.

Customer Service

As VTS Transportation, Inc. we still have our services open even when our official working hours end. This is made possible by a 24/7 Customer Service we have in place to receive all your questions and requests.
Perhaps you just paid for hauling service and there is something you didn’t quite understand in the quote. Or perhaps you want to keep in touch with our staff and know when your cargo is on the road and the progress of the shipment.

Team Drivers

VTS Transportation, Inc. has managed to be versatile in the services it offers to its clients. This includes options like Team and Solo Drivers for each of the trucks we operate.
To get a better understanding of the two: Solo Driver services involve those trucks that get hired with only one driver to carry out the entire transport job.

About Us


VTS Transportation, Inc. is a family owned business, that has been passed on from generation to generation and now it is one of the leaders in trucking industry. Proudly serving your local and global logistics needs.

We pride ourselves in having the highest knowledge in this business; on top of that we also understand customers and do our best to address each client’s unique needs. Whether it’s a small or big job, we have adequate equipment and trucks to handle the job.

As VTS Transportation, Inc. we treat every load we get from clients as if it is our own. We have a strong principle of ensuring every load we receive is packaged in the appropriate and required way. High security for goods or cargo is also ensured by our services, and we have prominent insurance coverage to protect every good that passes through our hands.

With the an adequate number of equipment and a dedicated staff ready to serve, VTS Transportation, Inc. always ensure we give clients value for money; the best services on any quote you get with us. Moreover, we have also employed the best staff; a group of well trained and dedicated individuals ready to follow all of your requirements and ensure your goods will arrive to desired destination safe.

From one terminal to the other, we ensure that we give you the most hospitable treatment and convenience you need in moving cargo. As a professional transport company we uphold a strict time schedule for delivery, and the earliest we get your quote the faster we schedule your transport services. So get your quote with us early enough, and enjoy the fastest reliable transport service.

Are you looking for the best and credible shipping services? Look no further than VTS Transportation, Inc. we have been long enough in the business to understand every nature of shipment. With a dream to serve and a vision to grow, we have managed to grow our business from a local level to an internationally respected company.  If you have been highly frustrated by other transport companies that didn’t deliver what they promise, VTS Transportation, Inc. is ready to go the extra mile for you.

We have served over dozens of clients within the years we have been in business, so there is no shipping need we do not understand. VTS Transportation, Inc. is credited to offer the best in shipment services both local and international. Tries us today and you won’t regret it!