Upcoming Podcast: Secrets of a Trucking Industry Leader

08.11.2022 Reading time: 2 minutes
Ever wondered what entrepreneurship looks like within the trucking industry? Derrick Williams of The Trucking Entrepreneurs podcast realizes the importance in recognizing business people. He and his guests enlighten the trucking and logistics entrepreneurs each month by talking about industry changes, the effects of technology, and their own entrepreneurial stories. This month, Derrick Williams welcomes VTS to the podcast for an exciting deep dive into the immense opportunities the trucking industry has to offer. 

VTS will also be the guest on The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast, with the lead host Derrick Williams. Derrick gives room to a deeper understanding of what trucking entrepreneurship entails; highlighting the values of empowering individuals to operate with confidence. Vitaliy Vinnichuk, co-owner and general manager at VTS, will be joining Derrick in an enticing conversation about the rich history of VTS. From the struggles the company overcame, to the core values implemented within VTS. The podcast will answer some of the following exciting questions: 


Okay, let’s start with the backstory of VTS Transportation, can you walk us through how your company was formed, and what sparked the goal of owning a successful transportation business?”

“What can a customer expect, when starting to do business with your organization?”

“As leaders in your industry, you are focused on the legacy you are creating, what are your future goals for this company?”


Derrick Williams’s podcast, The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast, have new guests every week with VTS joining the list of those eager and honored to be a part of such a moment. Be on the lookout for the new podcast coming your way this September! An insightful collaboration bringing a new light to the story of VTS’ business growth and what the company has in store for the future. Make sure to follow Josh at Truck Focus and Derrick at The Trucking Entrepreneurs.



The podcast with Derrick Williams of The Trucking Entrepreneurs will release this September. For all you entrepreneurs and truck drivers out there, this is one podcast you won’t want to miss. Derrick will be talking about his own experiences as an entrepreneur and how VTS has helped him grow his business.

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