Venturing into the Trucking Industry With No Degree?

08.04.2022 Reading time: 3 minutes

No Degree? No Problem!

Many organizations are reluctant to hire recent university graduates or applicants with no degree due to their lack of experience. Here at VTS Transportation, we believe that a degree should not be the deciding factor for a suitable applicant. Every employee VTS has hired is seen as a team member, part of a family that grows with the company. Our goal is to mold our teams to align with VTS values and develop their experience within the company.

Taking the initiative to hire for the future, VTS consistently embodies new ideals for the everyday worker. Our mission is to move away from hiring solely based on titles and educational backgrounds and instead place more emphasis on skills and abilities gained through varied experiences outside the norm. We take great pride in our team and capabilities, which can be attributed to our commitment to hiring people based on their skills. It has been our philosophy for quite some time that individual abilities, regardless of the ability to earn a degree or complete an apprenticeship, is the most significant factor in any hiring decision.

Nonetheless, when it comes to VTS, the skills that are the most important, not the titles, are the driving forces during the hiring process. “The time has come for employers and prospective employees alike to think more broadly about what makes some candidates a fit for a job, regardless of their educational background,” says Mark C. Perna, Career and Education Writer for Forbes. Perna discusses in the article

No Degree? No Problem. That an excellent way to value people is to look for their skills, such skills that show they can create results, and appreciate these capabilities accordingly.

This hiring philosophy is what sets VTS’ passion for team building apart, all the while incorporating new foundations for employee growth. After hiring, we train each team member vigorously, going to great lengths for employees to understand their roles and day-to-day tasks. To ensure that each member reaches full potential and is constantly growing, we created small groups with a lead team member. We noticed that with bigger groups, team members tend to slip through the cracks due to the high volume of questions one member is responsible for.

To ensure every team member gets full attention and proper training and reinforcement, we introduced small teams, which have done wonders. We value and reward members that take the initiative and provide a vast array of growth opportunities. VTS is always on the lookout to hire applicants who are hungry for knowledge and carry an eagerness to be a part of an ever-growing team.

If you are hungry for knowledge and have a desire to be part of an ever-growing team, we want you! We are always on the lookout for ambitious individuals who want to learn and grow with us. Our video below will give you a little more insight into what it’s like to work at VTS and how we value continuous learning.

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