VTS – Who Are We?

07.25.2022 Reading time: 3 minutes
Located in Roseville, CA, VTS Transportation has over 300 asset-based trucks in its fleet, enabling us to meet a wide range of transport requirements. With VTS, family matters. The owners arrived in America from Ukraine with the ambition to reignite what it meant to transport goods and services and the family values that a business should encompass. These values are implemented at the core of their business and have consistently shown their employees what it’s like to be a part of a true team.

VTS began with a mission to treat drivers, owner-operators, and their customers with newfound respect; In essence, customer service is vital. VTS embodies a corporation that places its customers and employees at the forefront. In addition to getting the job done, VTS transportation solutions are designed to contribute to the customer and employee’s overall success. Working with VTS guarantee’s a safe and sustainable transportation expert at your disposal, regardless of the load description or destination. VTS’ superior safety and capacity ensure peace of mind – on time and without compromise.

Core values at VTS

In order to understand the core values at VTS Transportation Inc, we need to go back to the day the company was created. The following is a back story from Vitaliy Vinnichuk, co-founder and general manager at VTS.

Transportation Inc. A little about me, I was born in Ukraine and in September of 2000 we moved to California with my family. We quickly adapted to the hard working culture of the country and began to work in the trucking industry. Being owner operators at another company we continuously encountered issues and poor customer service. We wanted to do things differently; thus VTS Transportation Inc was created. Our goal was to be transparent, honest, and exceed customer service. We started with the idea of opening up a dispatch company to dispatch the 6 trucks we had at the time of early 2013. From the beginning the journey was difficult, we had troubles, mistakes, and frustrations.

The hours were long due to the lack of knowledge and expertise in how dispatch correctly functioned. We knew we needed to take a different approach, my brother and I dove into learning about the correct way of managing a trucking business, from booking loads to correct billing we strived to exceed at it. Meanwhile our father started to learn the maintenance of trucks and began to service the trucks to minimize downtime on the road.

Believe me the journey was difficult, we were in a different country with little English, but this motivated us to work harder, we learned the rules, language and culture quickly setting yearly goals and achieving them. Today we have over 150 trucks that we Dispatch with 40 office personnel. Our gross projection will be over 33 million this year. Everything we do is in house from servicing our own equipment to our in house software’s we built. Above all we remain transparent, honest and exceed at customer service.”

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